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Rhode Island Fishing Calendar

Fishing in RI normally runs from January to November.

Jerusalem Fishing can begin in April with Tautog and end in November with Tautog (everyone else calls them Black Fish).  We have provided a blow-by-blow below of what you can catch each month.

January - March.  No fishing charters going on at this time.

April.  Fishing for Tautog (aka Blackfish) with limited take.

May.  Fishing for tautog and striped bass this month.

June.  Fishing for striped bass, bluefish, and flounder this month.

July-September.  Fishing for striped bass, bluefish, tautog, sea bass, scup, tuna and sharks during these months.

October.  Fishing for Bluefish, Striped bass, Tuna, Tautog, and scup this month.

November.  Fishing for Striped bass, Tautog, Sea bass this month.

The Fish Species

Striped Bass.  This is a very desireable gamefish targeted by many anglers annually both recreational and on fishing charters.  They are a beautiful and powerful fish, the largest recorded being 100lbs, but more typically around 12-25lbs in RI waters.  Many larger bass are taken but not necessarily on every fishing trip.

Bluefish.   These are very pwoerful fish for their size and will give a a very good fight and usually provide an acrobatic display as you get them to the boat.  Toothey fish that destroys tackle and can serious injure a person if you're not careful.

Flounder.  A delicious table fish, they swim flat to the bottom and are brownish on top and white on the bottom.  These fish are the most targeted gamefish in RI as they are close to shore and relatively easy to catch.  Best tasting fish you can catch easily.

Scup.  Also called porgies, these are also very good eating, a sweet meat fish.  Many people see them as trash fish, but they are so good to eat.  You can catch many dozens of them when they are in season.

Tautog.  Also known as blackfish, these are very powerful fighters for their size and are extremely good to eat.  We love to stock up on them at the end of the season and eat it all winter.

Tuna.  There are various species we can catch and they all have the common high speed and power to rip line off your reel.  Typically we see bonito and false albacore, as well as Bluefin.  Others are less common but still out there.


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